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PostPosted: Tue Feb 03, 2009 9:33 pm    Post subject: FAQ Reply with quote

Useful Transactions (прислал menx )
Development process
se09 Workbench Organizer // Transport Organizer
se11 ABAP Dictionary (DB Tables)
se16 Table Content // Data Browser
se24 Class Builder
se37 ABAP Function builder
se38 ABAP Editor + Debugger
// ABAP Editor
se41 Menu Painter
se51 Screen Painter
se80 Repository Browser // Object Navigator
se81 Application Hierarchy
se84 Repository Information System // Object Navigator
se91 Message Maintenance
se93 Transaction Maintenance // Maintain Transaction
se97 Maintain table TCDCOUPLES // Maintain transaction call authorization in CALL TRANSACTION
shd0 Transaction Variants
sm12 Lock Entry List
st22 ABAP Runtime Errors
bapi Maintenance BAPI // BAPI Explorer
sci Utility allow to search against all code //Code Inspector
samt Full coding scan against ABAP program //ABAP Program Set Processing: Initial Screen
sproxy Enterprise Service repository
SXI_MONITOR - просмотр отправленных/принятых через proxy XML сообщений
se93 Maintenance Transaction
FILE Logical File path definition

se13 Change DB table technical settings //Disctionary: Technical settings
st10 Table call statistics
st05 Perfomance trace
sq01 SAP Query builder
DB20 Update statistic of a single table

se30 ABAP Tips and Tricks //ABAP Runtime Analysis
sat Runtime Analisys
st05 Performance Analysis
st02 Tune: Detail Analysis …
st03 Workload in the system …

SPAM System/Component versions
AL11 SAP Directories
ST01 System trace
st11 Developer trace files (display) // Error Log Files
sm04 List of users at server // User List
sm19 Enable/Disable security audit. The audit result can be shown in transaction sm20 //Security Audit: Display Configuration of Instance ###
sm20 Display security audit log //Security Audit Log: Local Analysis at ###
sm50 Work processes (workload) // Process Overview
sm51 Application SAP Servers
sm59 Configuration RFC connections

SE01, SE09, SE10 Transport organizer
STMS Transport Management System

SAP application server download
AL11 - Display SAP Directories Basis - Operating System Monitors
CG3Y - download file Environment, Health and Safety - Product Safety
CG3Z - Upload file Environment, Health and Safety - Product Safety
SICF - HTTP Service Hierarchy Maintenance Basis - Internet Communication Framework
RZ10 - Maintain Profile Parameters Basis - Profile Maintenance
SWDC - Workflow Definition: Administration Basis - SAP Business Workflow
SM69 - Maintain External OS Commands Basis - Background Processing
SP11 - TemSe directory Basis - Print and Output Management
SM51 - List of SAP Systems Basis - Client/Server Technology
RSCRM_BAPI - Generation of Query Extracts BW - Business Explorer
SM49 - Execute external OS commands Basis - Background Processing
MCD - MI:Process Mobile Component Basis - SAP NetWeaver Mobile - Use subcomponents
RZ11 - Profile Parameter Maintenance Basis - Profile Maintenance
S000 - System Menu Cross Application - Global Organization Customizing
MEREP_MON - Mobile Monitor Basis - SAP NetWeaver Mobile - Use subcomponents
SXDB - Data Transfer Workbench Basis - Data Transfer Workbench
SMLG - Maint.Assign. Logon Grp to Instance Basis - Workload Balancing and Group Management
SXDA_TOOLS - DX Workbench: tools Basis - Data Transfer Workbench
MEREP_PD - Profile Dialog Basis - SAP NetWeaver Mobile - Use subcomponents
MEREP_SBUILDER - SyncBO Builder Basis - SAP NetWeaver Mobile - Use subcomponents
CACS_FILE_COPY - Copying a File ICM - Incentive and Commission Management (ICM)
RSBO - Open Hub Maintenance BW - Data Basis
SMW0 - SAP Web Repository Basis - WebRFC, Web Reporting
OMRI - C MM-IV Item Amount Check Parameters MM - General Functions
SR13 - Area-Dependent Help Basis - F1 Help

User management
suim Information of user, roles, profiles, etc. // User Information System
su01 User management // User Maintains
su02 Maintenance Profile
su03 Maintenance Authorizations: Object Classes
su53 Display last failed authority-check
su56 Display user buffer // Authorization in the User Buffer for Logged-on user
pfcg (profile generator) role management // Role Maintenance
su20 Create and maintenance Authorization fields // List of Authorization Fields
su21 Create and maintenance Authorization classes and objects //List of Object Classes
su22 SAP: context-specific AUTHORITY-CHECK handling // Maintain Assignment of Authorization Object to Transaction
su24 Customer: context-specific AUTHORITY-CHECK handling // Maintain Assignment of Authorization Object to Transaction
su25 Profile Generator: Upgrade and First Installation // role processing, transport customer tables, su24, deactivation auth.objects, copy profiles
auth_switch_objects Globally Disable Authorization Checks // maintaining table TOBJ_OFF

SSF and Single Sign-On
sm59 Display and Maintain RFC Destination
strustsso2 Trust Manager for Single Sign-On with Logon Ticket
sso2 Logon Ticket Administration for Single Sign-On (SSO)
ssfa Application-Specific SSF Parameters. Overview
oath Send certificates to HTTP content server
oac0 Display Content Repositories. Overview

bibo System for backtrace messages and notes //Inbox
su92 System Log Message Maintenance Access
rz11 Profile parameter maintenance
smlg Maintain Logon groups //CCMS: Maintain Logon Groups
sm02 System Messages. The messages appeared in logon time.
sm12 List of locking object in ABAP system and deleting it //Select Lock Entries

Function Modules (run via se38)
rsbdcos0 Execute OS Command
ssf02 SSF Test Program
rspfpar Display list of parameters in the R/3 system
rsabapsc Statistical program analysis to find ABAP language commands

/n - new transaction (terminate current)
/o - open new transaction
/nex - exit (= logout)
/h[s] - hold (= debug), s – system debugging
/i - delete current session

Useful program
BTCTRNS1 - switch status of background tasks from released to suspended
BTCTRNS2 - switch status of background tasks from suspended to released

Setup SMTP Email in SAP

Note: tcode SCOT is a client dependent part of the system. RSCONN01 needs to run in the client the mails is to be sent from.

1. /nSCOT, the SMTP node should be there, double click on it.

- tick Node in use, add the Mail host and port then click on the Set button next to Internet and put an asterisk (*) in the address area to use this node for all e-mail addresses. Then click the green tick to get back to SCOT's main panel
- (SMTP mail host) & (domain) should be entered with IP in /etc/hosts otherwise email will fail (Unix)!!!

2. From the menu in Scot choose Settings -> Default Domain and add the domain name where the mail server is living.
From the main menu in SCOT choose Utilities - Trace Internal Trace and set the outbound trace to active. (ONLY do this if need to troubleshoot why it didn’t send).

3. In SU01 change your default address type to e-mail and add your e-mail to here.

SO16 -> Mail Sy.grp -> and select Send to Home address of users (and save)
Then go to SO01 or SBWP and send yourself an e-mail.

Then go to SCOT and you will see one waiting to send. Choose Utilities -> Start Send Process and tick the option that comes up and your e-mail should send. You will get a popup giving you the ability to look at the trace info for the send of your e-mail for any problems or you can use transaction SOST for this later.

If it all has worked you need to turn off your trace and schedule the send process to run as a background job either through SCOT -> View -> Jobs or SM36 scheduling RSCONN01

Тестирование отправки почты
1) Транзакция SCOT - Unilities - Trace Settings - Activated
2) Создать и отправить письмо. Оно попадет в очередь отправки.
3) Отправить письмо программа RSCONN01
4) Анализ лога. Транзакция SCOT - Unilities - Trace Selection
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