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System and Transports

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 17, 2007 7:05 pm    Post subject: System and Transports Reply with quote

TR_EXT_INSERT_IN_REQUEST - Inserting object in given request

TR_EXT_GET_REQUESTS - Get changeable requests of given user

TR_EXT_CREATE_REQUEST - Creation of change request

TR_EXT_ADD_REQ_ATTR - Add attributes to given request

TR_INSERT_NEW_COMM - Create a new request/new task

TR_APPEND_TO_COMM_OBJS_KEYS - Append and lock objects and keys to a task

TRINT_REQUEST_CHOICE - select type of request and request itself

BAPI_CTREQUEST_CREATE - Create request with tasks (method for object CTREQUEST)

BAPI_CTREQUEST_CREATE_TASKS - Create tasks for request (method for object CTREQUEST)

BAPI_CTREQUEST_RELEASE - Release task or request (method for object CTREQUEST)

IW_C_CREATE_TRANSPORT_REQUEST - Create request (Workbench, Transport etc.), assigning next request # w/o dialog

IW_C_APPEND_OBJECTS_TO_REQUEST - Add objects to request (Workbench, Transport etc.) If all objects are unlocked, then dialog to choose request. If one of objects is locked in a request, then remaining objects added to the same request

Only for the objects that:
exist in TADIR
locked or local



RS_FUNCTION_POOL_CONTENTS - Get Function Modules in a Function Group
Import: function group name.
Export: table of function modules (function module name <->ABAP program name)

FUNC_GET_OBJECT - Get function module information (main program, include number, parameters and source code.

FUNCTION_INCLUDE_SPLIT - Get Function Modules and Includes Belonging to a Function Group
Depending on the import parameter, returns the following data:
  • PROGRAM - namespace, function group
  • COMPLETE_AREA - namespace, function group
    - namespace, function group
    - include (without namespace)
    - include number (for function module includes)
    - 3-character suffix,
    - function module name (for function module includes, and if SUPPRESS_SELECT=space)

report z_find_main_prog.
* find main program for function group
  data: l_namespace like rs38l-namespace,
  l_area like rs38l-area,
  l_main like sy-repid,
  l_fugr like tlibg-area.
  parameters fugrname like tlibg-area.

  select single area
    from tlibg into l_fugr
    where area = fugrname.
  if sy-subrc <> 0.
    write: 'Cannot find function group', fugrname.
    call function 'FUNCTION_INCLUDE_SPLIT'
        complete_area = fugrname
        namespace = l_namespace
        group = l_area
        others = 6.
    if sy-subrc <> 0.
      write: 'Cannot retrieve main program name for function group',
      concatenate l_namespace 'SAPL' l_area into l_main.
      write: 'Main program name for function group',
              fugrname, 'is', l_main.

Depending on the import parameter, returns the following data:
  • FUNCNAME - namespace, function group, include name
  • GROUP - namespace, table of function modules (function module<->include name)
  • INCLUDE - namespace, function group, function module name (for function module includes)

FUNCTION_INCLUDE_CONCATENATE - Determine the Name of a Function Group / Main Program by Namespace
Import: include number, complete area, namespace
Export: function group, names of main program, top include, UXX include, include with the given number.

See also tables:
  • TLIBG - Person responsible for function class (list of all function groups)
  • TFDIR - Function Module
  • ENLFDIR - Additional Attributes for Function Modules
  • FUPARAREF - Parameters of function modules
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