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Definition and a Program on ALV

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 02, 2007 4:38 am    Post subject: Definition and a Program on ALV Reply with quote

Give definition and a Program on ALV.

I would say that ALV is a tool that you can use in ABAP to display data in a grid - you just call a function doing it, pass the data to it and the function itself produces a nice report with many functions (like sort by, filtler etc.)

I attach a demo program, which is perfectly prepared that you change the columns to contain what you want.

There is also another way of doing the same, using the objects.
REPORT z_pj_test_reuse .

* A demo program for the function REUSE_ALV_LIST_DISPLAY

* Types that we need

BEGIN OF ts_my_item,

* This structure represents a line of our table
* You can change this structure in any way you want,
* but do not forget : you must then modify the form show_alv_grid
* to show also the new components of this structure

m_element1 TYPE char30,
m_element2 TYPE num5,
* If there is an element in this structure for which you do not
* insert the statement "ls_fieldcat-fieldname = ..."
* then the element will not be displayed, for example this one:
m_element_not_displayed TYPE char32,
END OF ts_my_item.

TYPES : t_tab_my_item TYPE TABLE OF ts_my_item.

* After you run the program, this will be executed:

* FORM main *
* Main program
FORM main.
DATA lt_items TYPE t_tab_my_item.
PERFORM fill_test_data USING lt_items.
PERFORM show_alv_grid USING lt_items.

* FORM fill_test_data *
* ........ *
* --> LT_ITEMS *
FORM fill_test_data CHANGING lt_items TYPE t_tab_my_item.

* Here the structure will be filled with demo data
* In reality, the structure will have different components
* (those which you need)
* And will be filled with real data

DATA ls_line TYPE LINE OF t_tab_my_item.
CLEAR lt_items.
* First line of ALV grid
ls_line-m_element1 = 'Some data'.
ls_line-m_element2 = '4444'.
ls_line-m_element_not_displayed = 'This will not be displayed'.
APPEND ls_line TO lt_items.

* second line
ls_line-m_element1 = 'Some other data'.
ls_line-m_element2 = '4445'.
APPEND ls_line TO lt_items.

* third line
ls_line-m_element1 = 'More data'.
APPEND ls_line TO lt_items.


* FORM show_alv_grid
FORM show_alv_grid CHANGING tab_output TYPE t_tab_my_item.

DATA: it_fieldcat TYPE slis_t_fieldcat_alv,
gt_events TYPE slis_t_event,
repid LIKE sy-repid,
ls_fieldcat TYPE slis_fieldcat_alv,
it_layout TYPE slis_layout_alv.

" ls_fieldcat

ls_fieldcat-tabname = 'IT_DENIK'. " Interní tabulka
ls_fieldcat-ref_tabname = 'EKKO'. " Pùvodní tabulka.

* The following three lines must be here for each element
* that we want to display
* The fieldname must be in capital letters

ls_fieldcat-fieldname = 'M_ELEMENT1'.
ls_fieldcat-reptext_ddic = 'Title of 1st column'.
APPEND ls_fieldcat TO it_fieldcat.

ls_fieldcat-fieldname = 'M_ELEMENT2'.
ls_fieldcat-reptext_ddic = 'Title of 2nd column'.
APPEND ls_fieldcat TO it_fieldcat.

* I purpochasely ommited the element m_element_not_displayed
* Therefore it will not be displayed

" it_layout

* There is a lot of code which I do not understand
* You can write some strings there and watch where on the screen
* they will appear.

CLEAR it_layout.
it_layout-detail_popup = ' '.
it_layout-detail_titlebar = ' '."Detail of the window (?)
it_layout-info_fieldname = ' '.
it_layout-header_text = 'Our title'.
it_layout-no_colhead = ' '.
"'X' cancels headlines of columns
it_layout-no_hotspot = ' '.
"'X' = cannot select a column
it_layout-window_titlebar = it_layout-header_text.
it_layout-list_append = ' '.
it_layout-item_text = ' '.


repid = sy-repid.
i_callback_program = repid
it_fieldcat = it_fieldcat
it_events = gt_events[]
is_layout = it_layout
t_outtab = tab_output.

-- Pavel Jelinek

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