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Use of Roles

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 01, 2008 6:14 pm    Post subject: Use of Roles Reply with quote

Once you create role might want to try it.
- SAP does NOT provide the opportunity to test skills.
- However we can develop a small program to be able to prove it.
- The program should be based on the module to be able to function RH_GET_ACTORS evaluate the role.
- This module function receives the name of the container and its role as an entry and returns a table with the players selected.

REPORT ztestrule .
INCLUDE <cntn01>.

PARAMETERS: p_ekorg TYPE ekko-ekorg.
DATA: ev_holders TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF swhactor,
      actor_tab TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF swhactor,
      ac_agents TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF swhactor,
      wa_ac_agents TYPE swhactor,
      wa_ev_holders TYPE swhactor,
      num_lines TYPE i.

swc_container ac_container.
swc_clear_container ac_container.
swc_set_element ac_container 'PurchOrganization' p_ekorg.

          act_object      = 'AC90000001'
          actor_container = ac_container
          actor_tab       = ac_agents.

LOOP AT ac_agents INTO wa_ac_agents.
  IF wa_ac_agents-otype = 'US'.
    APPEND wa_ac_agents TO actor_tab.
    CLEAR ev_holders[].
    swc_clear_container ac_container.
    swc_set_element ac_container 'OTYPE' wa_ac_agents-otype.
    swc_set_element ac_container 'OBJID' wa_ac_agents-objid.
              act_wegid       = 'WF_ORGUS'
              actor_tab       = ev_holders
              ac_container    = ac_container
              nobody_found    = 1
              no_active_plvar = 2
              OTHERS          = 3.
    IF sy-subrc = 0.
      LOOP AT ev_holders INTO wa_ev_holders.
        APPEND wa_ev_holders TO actor_tab.

DELETE actor_tab WHERE otype NE 'US'.

DESCRIBE TABLE actor_tab LINES num_lines.

IF num_lines IS INITIAL.
  WRITE: 'No agents found.'.

WRITE: / 'The following agents where found:'.
LOOP AT actor_tab INTO wa_ac_agents.
  WRITE: / wa_ac_agents-otype, wa_ac_agents-objid.
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