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Emergency Broadcast Message Transmitter

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 25, 2008 1:13 pm    Post subject: Emergency Broadcast Message Transmitter Reply with quote

report zexp_emergency no standard page heading.
* Emergency Message Broadcast
*   Version 1.50
*   This is freeware. Please read the terms of use.
*   Written by Urs Rohner, Rohner IT Consulting & Engineering
*   Contact Author: Urs Rohner
*  This program sends a message in a popup window to the
*  screens of the users logged in. This method is different to
*  the SAP system message function, because the popup
*  window appears immediately (no dialog step is required).
* History
* Vers  Date                 Own  Remark
* ----  -------------------  ---  -------------------------------------
* 1.00                            Initial version
* 1.10  23rd February  1999  rnr  Improve structure, layout, tags
* 1.20   5th October   2000  rnr  Get list of all active servers/users
* 1.30                       rnr  Only one popup per user
* 1.40                       rnr  Correct problem with non-identical IP
* 1.45  16th October   2000  rnr  Correct problems on AIX/4.0B
* 1.50  18th April     2001  rnr  Add xml tags

* Includes
  include tskhincl.

* Type Declarations
    t_usr_e like uinfo,
    t_usr   type t_usr_e occurs 0,
    t_srv_e like msxxlist,
    t_srv   type t_srv_e occurs 0,
    begin of t_list_e,
      _srv type t_srv_e,
      _usr type t_usr,
    end of t_list_e,
    t_list type t_list_e occurs 0.

* Globals
    _list type t_list with header line,
    _usr  type t_usr_e,
    _rcv  type t_usr_e occurs 0.
  tables usr02.

* Selection Screen
    p_class for usr02-class,
    p_bname for usr02-bname.

    message(128) default 'Test message'(t00) lower case.

* P A I ( )
    if p_bname[] is initial and p_class[] is initial.
      _a = 'X'.
      call function 'SWO_POPUP_TO_CONFIRM'
          text    = 'Send message to ALL users?'(t01)
          title   = 'Emergency Message Broadcast'(t02)
          answer  = _a.
      if sy-subrc is initial and _a eq 'J'.
        clear _a.
    if _a is initial.
      perform m_get_users using _list[].
      loop at _list[] into _list.
        loop at _list-_usr[] into _usr.
          read table _rcv[]
            with key bname = _usr-bname hostadr = _usr-hostadr
            transporting no fields.
          if not sy-subrc is initial.
            append _usr to _rcv[].
            select single * from usr02
              where bname eq _usr-bname
              and   bname in p_bname
              and   class in p_class.
            if sy-subrc is initial.
              call function 'TH_POPUP' destination _list-_srv-name
                  client         = _usr-mandt
                  user           = _usr-bname
                  message        = message
                  user_not_found = 1.
              if sy-subrc is initial.
                write: / _list-_srv-name, _usr-mandt, _usr-bname.

* Method: m_get_users
* Get dialog users of all active servers
  form m_get_users using _l type t_list.
      l_   type t_list_e,
      srv_ type t_srv.

    " Prepare result
    clear _l[].
    " Get list of all active servers running dialog work processes
    call function 'TH_SERVER_LIST'
      exporting services = ms_dia
      tables    list     = srv_[]
        no_server_list   = 1
        others           = 2.
    if sy-subrc is initial.
      loop at srv_[] into l_-_srv.
        clear l_-_usr[].
        " get users
        call function 'TH_USER_LIST' destination l_-_srv-name
          tables     list   = l_-_usr[]
          exceptions others = 1.
        if sy-subrc is initial.
          delete l_-_usr[] where hostadr is initial.
        append l_ to _l[].
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